We Wonder Food Sdn Bhd founded in 2000 located at Malaysia with established brand name of “Dragonfly”, “WF”, “Hello Bee Bee” and “Honey Bee”. Our core business is mainly involved in manufacturing, marketing and exporting biscuits and confectioneries into worldwide such as USA, Cambodia, India, Hong Kong, Singapore, Bangladesh, Vietnam and Indonesia. Our products range including assorted biscuits, wafer sticks, roll cake, can drink, snack food, pudding and jelly.
Our business objectives are provide best quality, safety and good taste products to our valued customers only to ensure that their satisfaction and requirements had been fulfill and meet in term develop and expand new territories for network distribution on our variety of products.
With our full commitment to upgrade and improve company’s brands had continue successful to stand strong in line with competitive environment. We highly emphasize on quality and taste recognition reach for both our customers and business operation can progress growth in the near future.